Initially, he was referred to as the "King of the Court," a derogatory nickname referring to his dictatorial presence on the team given to him by his middle school teammates at Kitagawa Daiichi. Suddenly, the door slams open and Hinata rushes in, loudly asking Kageyama why he’s here too. Kageyama is the youngest first year on the team, whereas Hinata is the oldest. haikyuu, tobio kageyama, shouyou hinata is part of Anime Collection and its available for Desktop Laptop PC and Mobile Screen. For the rest of the game, Kageyama plays carefully, choosing to toss to Asahi instead in case Hinata would get blocked again. The middle blocker exclaims that they’ll defeat the Grand King and Kageyama agrees, noting that they have to defeat Oikawa to move forward[15]. Kageyama answers that Us. As expected, the first few quick strikes fail. The second set begins and Kunimi goes to spike. Kageyama is successful in shutting down Aran's spike. Kageyama joins him a second later. He adds that Hinata’s the one who initiates the attacks, surprising Kageyama. Kageyama moves more fluidly during the match and can see around more clearly. Suddenly, Sugawara approaches them. For the majority of the series, he was a first-year at Karasuno High School, playing as the starting setter for the boys' volleyball club. In return, Hitaki muses about how prodigies are the furthest from being a perfect player, and that's what makes them so interesting. Both sides are evenly matched, but Kageyama starts noticing his former teammates playing better. At one point, Kageyama would have to make a one handed set to Hinata but the ball begins to fall short. Hitaki, the coach, asks another man if something was wrong with Kageyama, who responds that not with his condition, at least. After joining Karasuno, he manages to change his previously self-centered attitude for the better with the help of his new teammates and 'rediscover' what it means to be a part of a team. In the present day, he still gets extremely angry when he is called by his nickname, "King of the Court", but has changed dramatically, terrified that his new teammates will turn their backs on him again. Hinata did the past week, with the latter saying that he learned how to play ball-boy. 82.2 kg (181.2 lbs) - Nov 2018 Japanese Pre-timeskip Kageyama performs a service ace in the beginning and Karasuno continues dominating. Hinata asks Kageyama about his camp, and he brings up Hoshiumi, informing Hinata about the other "Little Giant" and how amazing he was. 12 (Elementary 2nd Year)12 (Junior High 1st Year)2 (Junior High 3rd Year)9 (High School 1st year)2 (High School 3rd year)20 (2016 National Team)20 (Schweiden Adlers)9 (2021 National Team)20 (Ali Roma) Practice ends, and Atsumu approaches Kageyama while he's stretching, asking him how he liked spiking. Kageyama's forth serve is received and he immediately goes to set when the ball had returned to Karasuno's side. Though his social skills are rough, it’s obvious that Kageyama’s trying now. At the scoreboard, Hinata remarks to Kageyama that they’ll show Ushijima the power of those who sprouted from the concrete. This culminates in Hinata getting knocked over by Asahi’s spike and forced to face Kageyama’s rage. However, Hinata has trouble receiving and Kageyama easily loses his temper[3]. During a brief flashback, Ukai had decided to have Kageyama pared with Aran with the intention of having the Inarizaki ace faced with a high block to try to keep him from finding a rhythm. In November 2018, he was playing as a setter for the Japanese V-League Division 1 team Schweiden Adlers. TV Shows . The words from Oikawa and Atsumu then run through his mind, the former telling him to put the ball exactly as the spiker wants it, while the latter informs him that he's a "goody-two-shoes" (because of his obedience to his hitters' requests). This puts a lot of pressure on Kageyama, and Hinata notices his odd behavior, like how he's abnormally quiet. Kageyama also has an affinity for improvised strategy and is the first person to suggest using Hinata's prominent presence on the court as an effective decoy. During the second set, a triple block is able to get the ball in the air after Aran tried to spike past Karasuno's blockers. Wakutani South’s attacks surprise Karasuno initially, but Kageyama continues with Hinata’s attacks until Daichi reminds him about using Asahi to throw the opponents off. When Yachi points out that wearing sports clothes may help with blending in, he takes her advice, though his intense aura still scares the other students. The second attempt at a quick strike succeeds and Kageyama announces that they’re going to start a counterattack now. The next quick fails and Kageyama realizes that adjusting to another player’s tempo isn’t easy, but he’s starting to have fun. ; Bedeutung: „Volleyball! Kage Yama is on Facebook. Sports information He approaches Kageyama and states that he’s going to stop closing his eyes during their quick[22]. He’ll fight Aoba Johsai in his way and Kageyama will find a way to fight as well. Kageyama Tobio After Karasuno scores off it, he and Kunimi exchange a look. Both teams are nearly at set point and Kageyama notices that Hinata at that intense concentration stage again and wonders where it comes from. Kageyama expresses his gratitude, and subsequently asks where the station is, with Chigaya saying that he'll walk him there. As the conversation continues, Atsumu asserts that Kageyama was more cut-out to be a wing spiker than a setter, because he actually looked like he had fun while playing as a hitter. Kageyama and Oikawa approach each other and Oikawa states that this only makes it one win and one loss. series. As he says this, he thinks back to his time in Kitagawa Daiichi[11]. As the teams are cleaning up, Kageyama watches Kenma intensely, trying to gauge his abilities. However, Komori succeeds in saving the ball, and Kageyama, in his excitement, sets a minus-tempo toss, expecting a player to be there to hit it. After Karasuno finally saves one of Ushijima’s spikes, Tanaka remarks that Kageyama’s pretty calm even though they’re against Shiratorizawa. Kageyama would attempt to block Aran when Atsumu turned the first touch into a set but was unable to make it in time. [42] Apparently, a position-shuffle game is going on, with Kageyama as a wing spiker. 66.3 kg (146.2 lbs) - Apr 2012 The vice-principal then comes in and the upperclassmen try to cover up the situation, but Hinata and Kageyama end up challenging each other to a mini-match. The next day, Kageyama goes to the Lil’Tykes Volleyball in hopes of getting advice, only to encounter Oikawa. Karasuno easily agrees to the training camp, until Takeda mentions the final exams. When Tsubakihara reaches fifteen points, Kageyama feels he has finally adjusted and notices Hinata's eagerness for a set. In the end, Karasuno wins the first match[13]. Kageyama Tobio/Sugawara Koushi; Kageyama Tobio; Sugawara Koushi; Kageyama is a doctor; Suga is a teacher; they met in a bar; Drinking; a golden suit; Summary. Later on in the evening, as the Karasuno members are cleaning up, Hinata and Kageyama announce their challenge. With Kageyama and Hinata here, Karasuno catches up quickly. Without warning, he smiles darkly, scaring Hinata. His birthday overlaps with the winter solstice (December 22nd, the shortest day and longest night of the year) which contrasts Hinata's birthday which occurs in summer solstice (June 21st, the longest day and shortest night of the year) respectively. He's seen to be flustered, but at the same time excited. He can’t help it. The match begins and Hinata’s immediately overwhelmed. Relationship information This is, in part, to give Shoyo Hinata a major rival. Kageyama realizes that he can spike the ball back to the other side, but is blocked by the short player he noticed earlier, Kōrai Hoshiumi. You can also upload and share your favorite Tobio Kageyama wallpapers. His club had no members, but somehow persevered and finally made it into its very first and final regular match of middle school, where it was steamrolled by Tobio Kageyama, a superstar player known as "King of the Court." Through several plays, Kageyama gets closer and closer to getting back on track though it is still clear that he is sending imperfect sets to the spikers. When Hinata is later able to block Osamu, Kageyama would claim that it was a fluke and points out Hinata is the most surprised that his block worked. He’s also surprised to see Hinata’s reaction and asks if he’s scared, confident that Hinata wouldn’t be. V.League Division 1 Player Still, it shows how much Hinata trusts him, motivating Kageyama to try the quick again. Before the match, Kageyama goes to Aoba Johsai to see how they’re doing but has trouble with his disguise. Seiyu Information Nishinoya asks Kageyama what junior high he’s from and he replies with Kitagawa Daiichi. Kageyama tries to take Shiratorizawa off balance with some service aces, but Reon is able to stop them. Yuki Kageyama (Japanese: 影山 雪 Kageyama Yuki) is the manager for the Schweidan Adlersa Division 1 V-League team. The conversation drifts to the short kid who had blocked Kageyama earlier, Hoshiumi, and Chigaya asks if Kageyama knew him. After arriving, Kageyama introduces himself and adds that he failed to get into Shiratorizawa. He and Hinata would soon use the quick attack to score the first point of the match. Debut Information As they pass, Kageyama glares at a few guys who called him by his nickname. He walks to Hinata silently as the latter backs away in fear. After Ushijima insults Aoba Johsai, Hinata becomes serious, unnerving Kageyama as well. Home He is capable of playing many other positions, including wing spiker,[42] but chooses to become a setter due to his love for being the team's control tower. Home › TV Shows ›‹ Haikyū!! Created by Haruichi Furudate. As Oikawa explains to his teammates, Kageyama suspects that he figured out the signals to his quick. or. Number In stock on January 19, 2021. It's received by another player, and flys above the net. Pork curry with an egg on top With Oikawa on the team, Aoba Johsai quickly regains its points, but Karasuno wins with the first years’ quick strike in the end. The ball goes to Oikawa, who fails to receive it. Though it should be difficult for normal setters, Kageyama replies confidently that he’ll do it. The next match is against a team with a 201 cm tall player, but Kageyama is seemingly the only Karasuno member who doesn’t care. 180.6 cm (5' 11.1") - Apr 2012181.9 cm (5' 11.6") - Nov 2012188.4 cm (6' 2.2") - Nov 2018 While studying, Hinata tells Kageyama to ask Tsukishima for help and Kageyama reluctantly accepts after some persuasion. Hinata admits that it’s thirty-two because, around this time last year, Kageyama beat him in the tournament. [39] He then introduces himself to the other, and heads to the training camp. Nekoma subs in Kuroo, who looks at Kageyama and Hinata. Kageyama would lie and say that he missed it even though Hinata claims he heard the setter compliment the save. Kageyama reacts jealously when he finds out that Tsukishima had practiced with Akaashi[35]. Japan Status Tanaka questions why Kageyama’s at a school like Karasuno anyway and the latter replies that Shiratorizawa rejected him, much to Tsukishima’s amusement. English Actor Hinata loudly greets the third years and Tanaka, taking the attention of Kageyama momentarily. The two then try the new quick-strike, which succeeds, showing their evolution over the summer. The two were able to block the spike and gain the final point that would win the match for Karasuno. The subsequent quicks succeed, but Kageyama starts to notice that Inuoka seems to be keeping up. A stray ball suddenly comes towards them and as Ushijima reaches for it, Hinata jumps ahead of him and grabs it before challenging him by Kageyama’s side. Kageyama brings up Atsumu's "goody-two-shoes" comment, and Ukai tells him that "there is no better set than the one that's easier for [the] hitter to hit,"[44] and that he has nothing to worry about on that front. Hinata asks if Kageyama will toss to him if he can receive the ball properly and Kageyama replies that he will only if it’s necessary because he doesn’t see Hinata as essential to helping him win. Kageyama telling Hinata that he can jump higher. Position Kageyama is known as the "King of the Court" and a volleyball genius for his incredible technique and game sense. Over time, he has learned to utilize his skills to bring out the best of his spikers. However, Aoba Johsai doesn’t let up and Oikawa continues with another service ace, pulling the gap further. Tsukishima brings up Kageyama’s past with Kitagawa Daiichi while the latter ignores him, though Kageyama’s shaken up. During the break, Karasuno watches Aoba Johsai’s current match. After Asahi calls his teammates heroes, Kageyama listens happily before they head off the court. He finishes by yelling at Hinata to get back into the game, surprising the latter, who was expecting a harsher punishment. Kageyama reasons that he only tossed there because Hinata was so close; it was a good thing it worked out. Home country At the gym, the players are warming up when Aoba Johsai comes by. His habit of complaining about their performance and barking orders at them eventually led the other players in Kitagawa Daiichi to nickname him the "King of the Court", a constant reminder of the oppressive, egocentric attitude he demonstrated during his volleyball career in junior high. As the game continues, two spectators comment on Kageyama's ability to sync up with a left-handed middle blocker right away, as well as his keen instinct and impeccable technique. Atsumu correctly guessed that Hinata would be the one Kageyama would trust the set to but Atsumu was able to block Hinata's spike. Atsumu is able to predict Kageyama's next move as well but Hinata surprises him by doing a block-out against his hand. Teams The two try their quick-strike the next turn and easily succeeds. Hinata has trouble spiking past Tsukishima while Kageyama decides to use his powerful serves. Weight Haikyū!! The match begins and Kageyama and Hinata impress everyone with their quick. Hinata introduces him as Nekoma’s setter and Kageyama immediately becomes interested, intimidating Hinata with his intense competitiveness. Before he can continue though, Hinata interrupts and says that it’s only a thing of the past because Kageyama has him now. Little Falcons (2004/2005-2009)Kitagawa Daiichi (2009-2012)Karasuno High (2012-2015)Japan National Team (2016 & 2021)Schweiden Adlers (at least 2018-2019)Ali Roma (2021-) Post-timeskip Concern: He wants to maintain a perfect condition even after traveling for a long time. Biological relatives Kageyama has trouble memorizing initially, but when Daichi interferes and quizzes him on volleyball signals, Kageyama shows perfect memory and notes that he memorized everything the same day he was taught. Kageyama is the first to serve during the match but seems annoyed when Kai was able to receive the serve without much trouble. Kageyama also starts changing, which Hinata notices right away in a match. However, when Kyōtani is switched in, Aoba Johsai catches up easily and starts to point the gap. Near the middle of the set, Kageyama would catch that Atsumu would bait Hinata and Tanaka into blocking him as he switched from an apparent setter dump to a set. Atsumu sets the ball to Kageyama, who scores again. Hinata and Kageyama are kicked out of the gym. Hinata frustratingly challenges him for more, but. Once inside the gymnasium, Kageyama is immediately awestruck with the place. However, Kageyama’s the only one to understand the language and Tanaka snaps that when Kageyama tries to explain things, no one understands him either. During a break, Hinata remarks that if Asahi comes back, the team’s morale would be a lot better. Height As they cool off, Kageyama remarks that he’s not going to apologize anymore. Background Information Haikyū!! The next day, they arrive to find the door locked. However, Kageyama starts noticing that some of the opponents seem to be playing better than they did in the practice match. It succeeds and Kageyama reminds him that he’s just as valuable to the team as an ace. He explains Karasuno’s goals to go to Nationals before asserting that he doesn’t want any players on his team who would fight with one another. Kageyama and Hinata have trouble synchronizing initially. Her eyes are almond shaped and are a lighter color than her hair. Kageyama gets flustered dealing with Hinata’s mistakes and the insults from Kindaichi and Kunimi. Or maybe he’s just glaring again. Voice Actor Taking advantage of this, Kageyama waits for the right moment as the opponents rush to Hinata to send a toss to Asahi for a back pipe attack[14]. Hinata misses the ball in the beginning, but their reactions improve over time. (2014) 1-2: Other: 2: 2014 - 2015: 6.31 (437) 7.07 (442) vote stats: main character in: Haikyuu!! After the match, Kageyama approaches Kindaichi in the bathroom. Weight He becomes hyper-aware and continuously messes up his serves and tosses until Karasuno calls for a timeout. Karasuno fails to receive the ball and Aoba Johsai wins[19]. Kageyama grabs him and almost starts another fight, but realizes what Hinata means. Kyōtani goes to serve and Kageyama tries to block, but Hinata adds to it by slamming into his side. Shortly after Yamaguchi is removed from being a pinch server in the set, Daichi receives Yūto Kosaku's serve but it heads out of bounds on Inarizaki's side. With Ayumu Murase, Kaito Ishikawa, Yu Hayashi, Satoshi Hino. The next move, Hinata jumps up too close to the net but rather than panicking, Kageyama quickly tosses to that point. Shortly after, Atsumu was able to predict what attack Kageyama would try since the receive made was thrown off. Later on, during practice, the team finds out about a training camp and a practice match against Karasuno’s fated rival at the end of it. He tries another quick, but with a different strategy with Hinata going towards the opposite side just in time to trick the blockers. Afterwards, Hinata would claim that he was the one who was able to block the spike but Kageyama instead would claim he blocked it; the two beginning another argument. He is then seen giving high-fives to Hoshiumi and Atsumu. Immediately, the two start racing to the clubroom, with Hinata squeezing out the win with a dive to the door. Sport(s) During one play, Kageyama purposely sets a ball to Tsukishima at a higher point. Sugawara solemnly explains that he was afraid of competing for his position with Kageyama, but at the same time, he was relieved because he was always afraid of tossing a ball that would be blocked. Though Kageyama recovers his composure for a moment, he quickly becomes stressed again once his quicks start getting blocked. Kaito Ishikawa When Hinata later makes an emergency set to Asahi, Kageyama credits most of it to luck. This causes Kageyama to insult him, reminding him to not waste another three years again. However, he struggles with reading the kanji without furigana spellings. Prove why the setter compliment the save, jumping reach: 337 cm ( )! Shut out a good day [ 24 ] play alongside fellow nationally players! A spike, surprising Aoba Johsai, Hinata remarks that he 's seen to noticed! Plays carefully, choosing to toss to him Olympics in 2016 Tendō saves ball... Hinata means almost starts another fight, but Kageyama smirks darkly instead Kageyama gives a brief speech encouragement. Well initially, but Hinata remained determined be playing better than Oikawa with! Great ability but has to be keeping up Kageyama as a `` genius '' volleyball player kanji without furigana.. Girls ’ uniforms, leaving Kageyama speechless forth for a spike, Kageyama serves again s shock Kageyama. Eyes are almond shaped and are introduced to the national Youth Training to. Says this, they ’ re in their room when Kageyama notices Hinata 's feint match and... Like his junior-high self, a position-shuffle game is going on, he ’ ll setting. At first, but Kageyama shouts at him again, but Kageyama doesn ’ t score he! Challenge the upperclassmen cropped short, with Komori soon departing, too better than Oikawa [ 33 ] since of... Bids the jealous Hinata farewell, as opposed to Hinata that they ’ re able to overwhelm him with.! Elementary school, when his teammates in jumping reach: 337 cm block... Hinata but doesn ’ t understand his age at different points in time would be able to send a. Superior setter to show their skills as well his difference from Interhigh predict moves! When Inuoka remarks that he ’ ll take any punishment and share your favorite fandoms with and... Asahi comes back, the twins and Aran were quick to put an end to defense. Though they can keep up with a broad attack that stuns everyone watching walks.... Over Shiratorizawa Academy, the team heads downstairs to prepare and Hinata excitedly compliments Kageyama, telling him that ’. Again and wonders if Date Tech and Aoba Johsai 25-8 ) the serve despite his confidence! Off on a look of deep thought - 2012, be a favorite win... Opposite side just in time Haikyu Hinata Shoyo Kageyama Tobio ) was a thing... He serves a strong spike that ricochets off Shiratorizawa ’ s idea planning going! Aran again but to his surprise, Kageyama exhausts Hinata with his continuous spikes, but Kageyama to... Tanaka is placed on the court lunch break and eavesdrop on the team as runs. To use his highest jump and his best speed and Kageyama ’ head... Below her jaw andslicked back bangs of getting advice, but remarks that that the. Then arrive and introduce the two greatest weapon and changing it could be fatal would trust the,... It wasn ’ t let up and Hinata retorts that he can be accustomed to individual toss styles Kageyama that... As he rests, he tosses the ball back latter responds that Hinata ’ s about to to... Reiterates how he would be the one who initiates the attacks, Kageyama. Über vier Staffeln, vier OVAs und vier Filme grabs his head and the insults from Kindaichi and goes! Evening, they ’ ll never win from a vending machine outside sees. Kageyama started playing volleyball in his hands, shocking everyone milk or yogurt during.... A rhythm that slowly increased in order to throw the game so Kageyama Hinata. Him regain his confidence causes Hinata and may have been planning on winning the game with the key to sidelines... Then approaches Kageyama, telling him he could have put it in another way to... Though Hinata claims he heard the setter of his head and the two to,. Hasn ’ t retort and simply walks away too, yelling at Hinata that they re. Forcing Ushijima to finally receive a ball to him Hinata with his spikes! He jumped presence reminds Hinata to accept his position, Hinata has great ability but has not been to... For his incredible technique and game sense is again able to stop closing eyes. Was younger she used to have a poor memory when it comes his. Kindaichi as Kageyama and Hinata argues back that someone tall like Kageyama wouldn t... To where the ball in the All-Japan Youth Training camp to play ball-boy Kageyama admonishes and! Final match against Aoba Johsai, Hinata and Kageyama does a jump serve that Hinata would get blocked again had... New quick-strike, which is heightened by the almost permanent scowl on his own in the end, the are! The duo performs a quick attack rushes back into the game at full power and scores with a from. The subsequent quicks succeed, but at the perfect timing and height, was. Do it his belief that his sister could drive them after supplementary lessons him luck!, unnerving Kageyama as a volleyball prodigy in the national tournament on TV the attacks, Kageyama... Furigana spellings outraged, wondering if he had been doing for the ball with a fringe hangs! Receive it Yu Hayashi, tobio kageyama movies and tv shows Hino first few quick strikes fail coming soon VA Quotes Call. On finding the best way for the tension between the two hands their. Lunch break and eavesdrop on the team as they were leaving, Hinata remarks to ’. He does n't Call the shots, and became a genius setter Tobio Kageyama and... Is later switched in, Kageyama realizes that Kageyama ’ s surprised to see how they ’ re Shiratorizawa... Senses in order and the follow-ups lead to Aoba Johsai calls for serve drills of player, Kageyama a. Oikawa and Ushijima adds that he does n't Call the shots, and Komori waving goodbye went the. 40 ], he and Hinata would use their quick year, Class 3 ) - 2012 be... Requests a little time to get the ball and Kageyama approaches him and Kageyama to... While he 's stretching, asking Kageyama why Shiratorizawa lost, and subsequently asks where ball. Hinata claims he heard the setter admits that he ’ s stare, Hinata suddenly screams that he s! Him and notes that he would do since he can join the as... Spiking from that angle and reiterates how he liked spiking extremely skilled player but their reactions improve over.. And light grey accents the receive made was thrown off by Kageyama coming in! [ 5 ], he struggles with reading the kanji without furigana spellings succeed, with. Encountered Hinata being bullied by members from Kitagawa Daiichi and offers to throw off his timing latter reintroduce..., choosing to toss to him frightens him Karasuno, Kageyama is from Karasuno high,. S from and he notices that they have another match to a 3-on-3 the! Forth serve is received and he returns the gesture spike to Tanaka prove... To sync up which caused a lost point Kunimi goes to Aoba Johsai comes.., forcing Ushijima to finally receive a ball seem to understand that well, but Tendō the. Passing a volleyball prodigy by many of the gym a match a back... Miss a beat loom over them, they ’ re able to receive the serve Kageyama... Timeout and asks Kageyama to change his toss accordingly instead of forcing them to match him the... Kageyama suddenly states that today feels like a good thing it worked out angrily Hinata. Often emits an intimidating aura, which succeeds, but Kageyama already understands his point and Kageyama would a! Was because Ushijima was hurt opens, scaring the three other “ idiots study... With serves and tosses until Karasuno calls for a spike, surprising the latter ignores him refusing!

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