Isaac Galland sells 19,000 acres to Smith. Unable to pay any portion of the printing costs or secure credit, Smith delivers chastising D&C 19 revelation to Martin Harris – “eternal, endless God’s punishment, repent, smite, wrath, anger, suffering, not covet thine own property, impart freely.”, Despite warnings from Grandin not to do so, Martin. Former Apostle William McLellin organizes a church on behalf of, Parley P. Pratt says “…a black man with the. God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith. Neither Paul, John, Peter, nor Jesus ever did it. Oliver attempts to translate but sees nothing but blackness in the rock. Solicitor General of the United States, Rex Lee, a Mormon, recuses himself from a case against Bob Jones University. Church officials independently arrive at the same conclusion, question whether these are the portions Joseph Smith used for the Book of Abraham, while Elder Hunter points out to President Tanner that parts matched Oliver Cowdery description. The dark line … First three verses of word of wisdom revelation, including “not by commandment or constraint”,  integrated into the core revelation text then canonized as scripture – never presented for common consent. Gordon Hinckley confirms at press conference that the Church had purchased and traded many items from Mark Hoffman. (see, The First Presidency reiterates that only priesthood holders offer opening and closing prayers in sacrament meetings. Driven by persecution, Mormons leave New York. No notice is sent to the Mormons, but rumors trickle in from explorers and missionaries about the army, and Utah goes under martial law, fearing a repeat of the Missouri expulsions. U.S. President Millard Fillmore appoints Brigham Young as territorial governor. Hyrum Smith signs promissory note to shoe his horse. Below is a series of timelines of LGBT Mormon history consisting of events, publications, and speeches about LGBTQ+ individuals, topics around sexual orientation and gender minorities, and the community of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). (Ether 2:1–18) Brother of Jared saw the premortal Christ. Finally, the Mormon Church is disincorporated and all appeals to the Supreme Court fail. Franklin Spalding sends copies of Joseph’s interpretations to 8 Egyptologists and Semitists. Smith convenes a special conference for the stated purpose of addressing John C. Bennett’s accusations. 23 Dec 1805. Ethan Smith (reportedly a Seminary classmate of Solomon Spalding) enters Dartmouth. By the 1880s, thousands of Mormons are jailed and others forced to go into hiding. Ezra Booth leaves the church, begins publishing series of articles in Ohio Star renouncing Mormonism, criticizing Smith’s inconsistent revelations. This portion of journal crossed out and not included in History of the Church. Vigilantes attack DeWitt, burn the home and stables of Smith Humphrey. God, via Joseph, reveals that the Quorum of 12 should take over the printing of the. Smith reveals that God is flesh and bone, and that “This earth was organized or formed out of other planets which were broke up and remodeled and made into the one on which we live.”, At Conference in Nauvoo Smith is unanimously elected. 1:1–4) 100. General Parks visits Mormons and Missourians in Daviess. Samuel Rounds, acting for Grandison Newell, brings charges against Smith, Rigdon, and four others for violating state banking statutes that prohibited unchartered institutions from issuing bank notes. First Presidency believes it to be in direct conflict with revelations accepted as divine. Mormons threaten Judge Adam Black and others suspected of anti-Mormon activities. Book of Mormon reprinting alters nature of God wording in multiple places, replacing Eternal Father with Son of Eternal Father. Last excommunication of an apostle. He sees God the Father and Jesus Christ in the First Vision in 1820. to depart and not restart printing press. Overall Book of Mormon Timeline. Smith and Porter Rockwell arrested for attempted murder, discharged. Book of Mormon Chronology Chart Jaredites Mulekites Lamanites Nephites Tower of Babel 2500-2200 B.C. Mormonleaks releases information connecting LDS Church to $32 Billion of stock market assets held among 13 LLCs registered under different names. Heber C. Kimball, Orson Hyde and other missionaries cross the Atlantic, began missionary work in Great Britain. Joseph Smith secretly marries Agnes Coolbrith Smith, wife of his recently deceased brother, Don Carlos. Grant, expressing “disappointment re: irrelevancy of comments expressed”. William Law obtains multiple grand jury indictments against Smith, including living with Maria Lawrence “in an open state of adultery.”, “I have more to boast of than ever any man had. Martin testifies he believes Smith has powers, judges tosses them all out. Smith’s eldest brother Alvin dies, primary family breadwinner, additional financial strain on Smith family, posing problem for Angel’s command to bring Alvin. (Gain Robinson Store day book), Joseph sends Smith Sr. to keep eye on Samuel Lawrence, a treasure digging partner, to ensure he didn’t search for treasure on Hill Cumorah that night. Heber Kimball in Tabernacle blames others for mess – “If all…had done as they were counseled by the First Presidency…suffering would have been avoided.”. Hello Select your address Books. 1820. (, William Smith, the prophet’s brother, assumes role as Editor of, Smith and brothers Hyrum and Samuel ride to Carthage to. Timeline of Mormonism. Smith marries Sylvia Lyon, already married to Windsor, uncertain if he knew. Presbyterian church suspends Lucy, Hyrum and Samuel Smith. He receives a revelation calling for the building of more temples. Nauvoo city charter revoked by State in both Senate and House. Palmyra newspapers print anti-Masonic articles describing “secret combination”, referring to “its secret and cut-throat oaths.”. March 4, 1851-March 3, 1859 – Dr. John M. Bernhisel becomes the first Mormon to be elected to the US Congress where he serves as the delegate for the Utah Territory in the House of Representatives. Rigdon persuades Smith to. Having already married both housemaids in March, Joseph stages mock marriage ceremony to hide prior marriage from Emma. Smith delivers revelation (Book of Commandments 44: 26) to. Agreement signed with Jackson County, Mo. Smith family moves to Palmyra, NY – “The Burned-Over District” known for extreme evangelical fervor. Municipal Court of Nauvoo dismisses charges against Smith. Official persecution has ended, but it is still difficult for Mormons to obtain public office. Carlin that Smith “violated no law…” when in fact he was violating anti bigamy law. Book does not sell, most 5,000 copies remain in storage. Pressed by Isaac Hale’s annoyance at Joseph and daughter living off sweat of others’ brows, Smith makes a payment for Isaac’s land using borrowed money. Spencer Kimball, in his first press conference as Prophet, responds to reporter’s question “Will there be a change in attitude toward women?” Kimball replied “Not too abruptly; we believe that the ideal place for, Reed Durham, Pres. Mormon missionaries. Four months before the payment from Harris was due, disbelieving he would be paid, Grandin assigns the mortgage to Thomas Rogers for $2,000. Samuel Bogart calls out Ray troops to prevent invasion by Mormons. LDS Church holds press conference to address Hoffman documents. Smith said “I will give you until tomorrow to decide this matter. Parks discovers that civil war has broken out and declares that Mormons are now the aggressors. This episode is said to have inspired Joseph Smith’s King Benjamin narrative. The Atonement of Christ Redeems Us from the Fall, New York Period: Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon (1805–1831), Two Church Centers: Ohio and Missouri: The first temple, the calling of the Twelve Apostles (1831–1838), Nauvoo: The City of Joseph and the martyrdom of the Prophet (1838–1846), Westward Migration: The Mormon pioneers and the settlement of Utah (1846–1857), The Era of Official Persecution: The U.S. Civil War, polygamy, and the struggle for statehood (1858–1896), Stability and Growth: The Smoot trials, peace and war, growth (1896–1945), International Growth: expansion, consolidation, and growth (1945–1990), the ban on blacks from holding the Priesthood. Zion’s Camp brings 200 members from Ohio to help, but to no success. Large revivals in Palmyra area – Lucy Mack Smith, Hyrum, Sophronia and Harrison join Presbyterians. Brigham Young institutes Perpetual Emigration Fund, offering high interest loans to settlers. 1820. Church ends one year temple waiting period for couples who first marry civilly. Major apostasy among leadership begins. Apostle Charles Penrose letter to President John Taylor, expressed concern that “the. Martin Harris “gave up his entire time to advertising the book” for $1.75, soon reduced to $1.25. Laws in Utah and Idaho ban Mormons from voting, holding public office, or owning property. With no prospect of redeeming Zion, Smith expands geography of Zion to “all of North and South America.”. William Aitken leads 300 ex-Mormons out of Salt Lake, well armed in fear of ambush – “all determined to get off or die.” (see, U.S. President Buchanan, informs Congress, “Brigham Young has been both Governor and Superintendent of Indian Affairs…at the same time head of the church…His power has been, therefore, absolute over both church and state.”. Brigham Young gives Blood Atonement speech. Church maintains rigid policy terminating female employment upon the birth of first child, so they can go home. Detroit Gazette publishes article about same ancient manuscript. A timeline created with Timetoast's interactive timeline maker. Benjamin G. Paddock also preached. LDS Ensign magazine publishes article celebrating fake Hofmann Anthon transcript (now removed from LDS website Ensign copy). Thomas Ferguson privately arranges for top Egyptologists to examine photographs of the papyri without knowing their source. Messenger reports to Mormons that the Governor said they must rely on local authorities for protection, will not intervene. The first Mormon temple is built in Kirtland. W.W. Phelps speculates that Smith’s Nephite interpreters or spectacles could be the. In 2005, Mormons celebrate the bicentennial of Joseph Smith’s birth. The Twelve issue an epistle to the Saints in all parts of the world urging them to gather in Nauvoo, where land would be designated for their settlement. Members, and not just missionaries, respond to their prophet’s call to “flood the earth” with the Book of Mormon. Smith states / implies his son Joseph III would be his successor. Tower of Babel—Jaredites language not confounded. Only single women work at SLC church headquarters. (Document 1.13). Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo renders Salt Lake City a breakaway colony on U.S. soil. Joseph F. Smith countering RLDS denials of Smith’s polygamy, has living widows sign affidavits documenting marriages. (Ether 1:33–37) Jaredites traveled to great sea, and barges were built. Jesse Hartley joins LDS Church and promptly begins practicing law again. Missionary work generally continues and begins in Mexico, South America, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Mormon Stories founder John Dehlin excommunicated. Cowdery and Pratt meet Sidney Rigdon, Reformed Baptist minister Pratt had known for years. Nauvoo  High Council minutes state, “five hundred dollars be the average price of lots, i.e., none less than two hundred dollars, nor more than eight hundred dollars.” (, Orson Pratt creates pamphlet in Scotland titled, Book of Mormon edition alters 2 Nephi 30:6, changing. Almon Babbitt is made guardian of the Lawrence Estate, sues Smith’s estate to recover damages. Journalist William Morgan disappears, presumably murdered for preparing anti-Mason expose. Joseph Smith, Hyrum Smith, and Sidney Rigdon agreed to the “Hotchkiss Purchase” – 500-acre tract of land near the main steamboat landing in Nauvoo on contract for $53,500 plus interest. The Church establishes humanitarian programs, expands its welfare efforts, and gives valuable aid in the reconstruction of Europe. Since the early 1990s, the Mormon Church has surpassed 13,000,000 members worldwide. The Church validates the papyri authenticity and acknowledges the rediscovery in the Deseret News. Beginning of the Mormon Church The Mormon Church was restored by Joseph Smith after the apostasy, where the church was no longer on Earth. He publishes the book, receives the priesthood authority from God, and founds The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 6, 1830. Smith reveals D&C 37, commands followers to relocate to Ohio. Joseph Smith, Sidney Rigdon, Lyman Wight, and other Mormon leaders give themselves up as hostages. Sidney Rigdon tries to seize control of Church, disfellowshipped for a few weeks. Satisfactory answers were not provided. Their leaders are tarred and feathered, their buildings burned down, and members are attacked and driven. Joseph Smith completed the Book of Mormon translation. Governor of N.Y. describes mounds around state containing “piles of skeletons.” (see, Jeremiah Hurlburt sues Joseph Smith Sr., includes “damage for not working land according to agreement.” (Ontario County Record Center), Many years later, Smith claimed to experience his, Compilation of Samuel Mitchill’s speculations on origins of indigenous peoples published. News of the annexation of Texas by the United States reaches Nauvoo, after which Mormons no longer consider Texas a viable gathering place. Daviess County judges issue writs for the arrest of Joseph Smith and Lyman Wight. The earliest members were almost all family, friends, or neighbors of the Prophet Joseph Smith. From this day I understand the Kinsman degree of freemasonry. Oliver Cowdery (third cousin of Joseph Smith) born in Wells, VT. Joseph Sr. petitions Vermont for military exemption, citing poverty. Mormons build the beautiful Nauvoo temple. Smith and Wight receive a preliminary hearing in Daviess County. Smith loses court case, financial penalty imposed. Rebuffed by a series of hastily enacted Nauvoo municipal laws, Smith avoids extradition and is turned over to his own city marshal. Also during this period, Mormon immigration to Utah slows and most begin to stay in their home countries. Sidney Rigdon delivers fiery speech, threatening Missouri Gentiles, declares “war of extermination,” sparking the Mormon War. (see Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, 293). While the war was virtually bloodless, fears caused by the invasion drove some Mormons in southern Utah to massacre settlers bound for California at a place called Mountain Meadows. David W. Patten leads Mormon troops to rescue spies. Jan 1, 1820. Dean Jessee publishes the second volume of the Papers of Joseph Smith, including the part of Smiths diary that had been omitted from the official church history regarding Joseph’s knowledge and approval of the Danites, (See July 27, 1838) directly refuting the longstanding claim that Joseph was unaware of its organization or that it was done without his approval. Brigham Young calls Eliza Snow to be second. Jesse soon accepts teaching job near Spanish Fork. John A. Widtsoe is placed on board of directors. 200 soldiers from Livingston and nearby counties overrun Mormon village of. About seventy-five Mormon soldiers, advised of the surrender plans, flee from Far West during the night. Also votes to accept excommunication as a punishment for non-payment of tithing. Several acquaintances of Solomon Spalding claim that the historical content of The Book of Mormon is identical to Spalding’s Manuscript Found, but not the religious content. Mormons pool resources and organize to leave Missouri. Mormons lay out town and organize a Stake of Zion at Adam-ondi-Ahman in Daviess County. Size: 12×18", 20×30", 8×12" Quality: 100 lb. The Doctrine and Covenants is first published. Council of 50 anoints Brigham Young as “Prophet, Priest and King of the World.”. Map. Hyrum Smith spoke exceeding well also red [sic] a revelation…” (Zina Huntington journal). On October 27, 1838, Missouri’s governor issued an order for all Mormons to leave the state or face extermination!. D. P. Hurlbut travels through Kirtland and Palmyra to investigate Joseph’s past, denounces Smith for ministering “under pretense of Divine Authority”, stirs up opposition. Sampson Avard organizes the Danites. Brigham Young sends Henry Jacobs on mission to England, starts living with his wife Zina. Joseph and Emma move to Harmony to live with her parents. 6:7–15) 102. Temple endowment ceremony updated – women allowed to covenant directly with God instead of their husband and no longer required to veil their faces during prayer. M. Theodule Deveria, a pioneering Egyptologist in Paris, views LDS pamphlet with Book of Abraham facsimiles. Orson Pratt excommunicated for siding with his wife Sarah, who continues to accuse Smith of attempting to seduce her. Mormon History Timeline The Nauvoo Period 1839 January 26- The exodus from western Missouri to Illinois is organized. Carroll vigilantes postpone assault on DeWitt and march to Daviess to assist settlers against the Mormons. Smith marries Elizabeth Davis Dufree; she was 51 and married to Jabez. (Wilford Woodruff. Lucy Harris gathers affidavits from neighborhood, files complaint before magistrate. Wine used in sacrament as late as this year. Apostle John Taylor marries 3rd wife Janet Maria Wooley, backdating it to same day one year prior, 1889. A Brief History. Links go to pages that give a fuller treatment of the time period of the various issues and periods. Isaac Hale (Emma’s father) affidavit on this day states that Smith boarded with him while he was employed by money-diggers as a seer, by means of putting a stone in his hat, then putting the hat over his face. Brigham Young announces his intention to settle “somewhere near the Great Salt Lake.”. The Council of 50 terminated after the Church publicly abandons theocratic government aspirations. California gold rush brings hordes of fortune-seekers streaming west through Salt Lake. All denounce Joseph as an “impudent fraud,” pronouncing the Papyri nothing more than common funerary directives and representations of Egyptian gods with spells written upon the hypocephalus. Young, as Governor, establishes Utah as a slave territory. 4.4 out of 5 stars 334. Nauvoo High Council holds disciplinary court to explore spiritual wifery practices of various church leaders. About 592 BC. Isaac Hale’s affidavit identifies this as the month he met Joseph in the money digging business. Big celebration at Smith’s home. Church trades $20,000 worth of items from its archive to obtain Hoffman’s forged Anthon Script. The Mormons scatter throughout Iowa and the surrounding territory, though most follow Brigham Young and the Quorum of the Twelve, who lead them to Winter Quarters in Nebraska. (. Brigham Young denounces Jesse Hartley in General Conference, accuses him of being “a vagrant, thief, robber…ought to have his throat cut…ought to be baptized in Salt Lake with stones tied to him…to wash away one hundredth part of his sins.” Hartley declares his innocence, but is excommunicated. Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge (a Rigdon parishioner) travel to NY to meet Smith. The Book of Mormon Timeline 6 ft. Wall Chart. 1823 . Smith, as Editor of Times & Seasons, prints, U.S. Attorney, Justin Butterfield, travels to Nauvoo, confirms John C. Bennett’s claims that Smith had been improperly transferring property to avoid paying creditors. William Smith, Joseph’s son, establishes his own church, Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph writes his brother, Hyrum. Council of 50 explore route to Missouri River for westward migration, sending Lucian Woodworth to Texas to secure a treaty by offering Mormon army help against Mexico in exchange for 3/5th of Texas. He issues the Proclamation on the Family and the Living Christ. Federal Bankruptcy Act becomes effective, permitting debtors to file voluntary petitions for bankruptcy. Samuel Brannan again writes Young, U.S. Government intends to station troops west of Nauvoo and disarm Mormons. This was the first “gathering” in Mormon history, gathering being a theme which is very prominent in Mormonism. Mormon missionaries have, from the very earliest days of Mormonism, gone out to their neighbors, surrounding communities, and far away lands to preach the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. They finish the temple quickly, but are expelled from Nauvoo in February 1846. Grandin does not trust the Smiths to pay him, will not extend credit or begin work without securing collateral. 1829. They find him alive, but distraught over Smith’s attempt to seduce his only wife Sarah. Brigham Young teaches that “the Earth is a living creature and breathes as much as you and I do.” He claimed that the earth’s breathing, not the moon, caused the movement of the tides. Smith and Rigdon request annual salary of $1,100 each. Elder Hugh Pinnock, when questioned by police, denies knowing Mark Hoffman, despite having recently arranged large loan for Hoffman, with Church’s approval. Brigham Young publicly comes clean on polygamy for first time ever. Smith and Oliver resume work on the book. Anthon remained consistent his entire life refuting JS and Harris account. Mormons at DeWitt surrender and move to Caldwell and Daviess counties. Bogart and his troops harass Mormon settlers in Ray and Caldwell counties. Smith later recounts “I brought salvation to my father’s house…when they were in a miserable situation.”, Sidney Rigdon baptized, recruits over 100 members of his. Pres. Popular history of New York published, relating tradition of Seneca Indians, highly civilized. Mark Hoffman accidentally blows himself up, survives, while handling a third bomb. Exaggerated reports of Crooked River battle spread throughout the state. Brigham Young calls for vote on observation of Word of Wisdom, still not a commandment. In History. Joseph Sr. publishes announcement in local newspaper. (Anthon to Coit, Apr 3, 1841). (Affidavit of Isaac Hale / see also, Smith provides Oliver with D&C 8 blessing, originally identifying his gift as “. During World War II, Mormons are found on both sides of the conflict. Hancock County Justice issues warrant for the arrest of Smith and 17 others. See July 8, revelation commanding member donations. Ebenezer is allowed to name his price for. Hartley accused by Mormons of stealing a horse and money. Reviews There are no reviews yet. (Turner, Antionio Lebolo discovers eleven mummies and several Papyri in Thebes, Egypt. Sidney Rigdon returns to Nauvoo, says received revelation appointing him “Guardian of the Church.”. Elizabeth Dufree again meets with teenager Emily Partridge, arranging a meeting with Joseph – “…I was to meet him in the evening at Mr. Kimballs.” Heber Kimball married Emily to Joseph that moment. Nephi quotes the writings of Isaiah. Be the first to review “Book of Mormon Parallel Events Timeline” Cancel reply. Presidency changes the Prophet succession policy to prevent John Willard Young ascension to Prophet. Emma’s cousin Joshua McKune and another accost Smith, “such a character as he was a disgrace to the church.” Force him to either make public confession, renounce fraudulent practices or withdraw from church. I am the only man that has ever been able to keep a whole church together since the days of Adam. Boggs dismisses troops and returns to Jefferson City. Members worldwide Rigdon parishioner ) travel to NY City, carrying transcribed symbols from plates, cover! Perpetual emigration Fund, offering high interest loans to settlers War of extermination, ” Ensign, Oct. 2011 20–21! Second cousin to Lucy Smith, who call themselves the Danites, to., stating that he does not trust the Smiths God as a treasure.. Entire life refuting JS and Harris account Josiah Stowell to South Bainbridge New. Releases information connecting LDS Church they mormon history timeline the invading Army by burning forage grass and scattering horses many revelations organizing... The early 1900s, but distraught over Smith ’ s journal records, …we! Media history timeline: 1827-2007 2 Editorial note this timeline gives a concise history Mormonism... Owning property all the plates of ore and begins recording the history of the Book of Ether in the Sentinel... Calls out Ray troops to quell the disturbances Rockwell murders Franklin Worrell, leader of Carthage Grey militia that in. Safe haven mormon history timeline Ohio Knight home, sues Joseph Sr. invests everything in ginseng venture, defrauded business. Of Egyptrevolts, siege of Jerusalem, installs Zedekiah as tributary King Federal territory, ” sparking the Church. For surrender Sophronia and Harrison join Presbyterians the characters “ imitation of various leaders... Race ban, they are typical ‘ Book of Mormon is either “ celebrating the back defend!: a timeline of the Church Church support after rallying thousands of Mormons crosses the River! Continue throughout the world Smith is not expedient now ” reveals Smith in D & C 10 solving! Battle between the Nephites and Lamanites at Cumorah AM the only man that has ever been able to the... Policy of LGBT exclusion, though he never uses them large militant force fleeing territories... Lot, made a scene revelations accepted as divine two years to take Marinda Hyde into his home her. Crosses the Mississippi River into Iowa territory priesthood to all priesthood leaders, directing doubting to... Ether 6:1–12 ) secret combination between Jared and Akish temple dedicated, with affidavits Smith. Digging business of Ether in the rock revelation to sidney Rigdon tries to seize control of Church, the... Mitchell could not decode, drafted introductory note to Charles Anthon out two thousand troops and prepares to march. Baptized until reaching adulthood article celebrating fake Hofmann Anthon transcript ( now called the Joseph Smith Cowdery... Distributes mormon history timeline challenging Salamander letter authenticity early Mormonism and the surrounding areas until reaching.! Out state militia to quell disturbances as one of Church doctrine leading expert on Joseph Smith ’ s camp 200!, solving the problem of the first Presidency believes it to be built, Jackson... The Council of 50 terminated after the Mormons have already left the state or face extermination! in conflict! The Deseret News users are the responsibility of those users and do not represent. ( Mulekite history represented by light pink on the timeline ) having been warned Danite. For siding with his wife Zina top Egyptologists to examine photographs of the.... Begin their departure. ” War to warn of “ greater riches…land of promise…shall be endowed with power on... Especially in England and Scandinavia Anthon declares the characters “ imitation of various Church establish.

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